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Can Online Tutoring Work?

You do not need to be afraid to study online! Why?

1. You are not alone. There are a lot of students following the online way and a lot of them have already succeeded! We have one-on-one tutors that can come to you or help you online.

2. It is so convenient! You get to decide when and where you are studying - flexible to your routine. The tutor and you will chat about your schedules and get something that works well.

3. Online tutoring is very interactive. Online forums and live chats make it easier than ever to get connected to your teacher, coach, or tutors. You will be learning in a online meetings where you will gain real knowledge in real-time while taking part in online discussions.

“The Tutor Company has over the years provided us with exceptional mathematics tutors, science tutors and English tutors to help us with our homeschooling”

Study tips for online learners

1. Know what is expected of you

The first thing you will realise is that online studying is not an easier way to learn but rather a more convenient one. For successful online learning a student need to dedicate a significant amount of time to the work. The student has to consistently attend classes (whether use of virtual classroom or the recording is made),

Keep in mind the following:

- commit in the online classes

- be willing to become tech-savvy

- complete your learning tasks and assignments on time

- be self-disciplined

This will ensure your happiness as an online learner.

2. Ensure reliable internet access

Technology usually fails at the most inconvenient times. Make sure you have saved your work and back up your work regularly. If possible have another internet source available during online lessons. This comes in handy when the one line has a problem, you can quickly change to your alternative line. Reliable internet access will also give you the opportunity to check-in, stay current with your online work, and deal with sudden schedule changes.

3. Have a dedicated study space.

Doesn't matter where you decide to study, but it must be a quiet, organized, distraction-free, and available for use at any time. Your study space should be one of your main concerns when you are an online learner, so ensure that tit enables your study routine.

4. Be aware of your learning objectives and goals

Always keep in mind what you hope to accomplish and stay on track with your online work. The learning objectives and goals of each course is specially included for you to be an excellent road map during online learning. Review these thoroughly every time you start an assignment, so that you can stay focused on your goals.

5. Have a plan, have a study plan!

- Plan ahead

- Have an effective calendar system

- Create to-do lists

- Stay on schedule

6. Ask for help - not only after when you have failed a task.

While it may be constructive to look for answers to your online course-related questions independently, hesitating to contact your teacher when you are stuck may be problematic. If you don’t ask for help when necessary, you may end up falling behind, which may lower your self-esteem, as you may not be able to keep up with the online course. Build a relationship with your teacher and/or tutor and avoid misunderstandings by contacting them regularly.

7. Review, revise and repeat

Everybody knows that regular revision of work covered improves your memory but also your understanding. Create flashcards for self-quizzes or consider having study partners. Share your study notes and habits with your virtual classmates and support each other throughout the online learning process.

8. Take a break!

Remember a good student does not study all the time. You will actually not perform your best if you do not integrate some personal time into your study routine. Taking a break or do some exercise will renew your energy and clear your mind.

9. Participate!

Online learning does not mean learning in isolation. Connect with your virtual classmates via different platforms available and enhance your online learning experience!

Always remember, these platforms are public and you have to be mindful of your online tone, be respectful when you disagree with other students, and always write in complete and clear sentences to avoid misunderstanding and tone mishaps. Consult our Code of Conduct for more detail.

10. Stay Motivated

Do not underestimate the effort needed to fully commit to your online learning journey! Consider the following:

- Create your own study routine

- Decorate your space with inspirational quotes

- Keep your goals in mind, always

- Accept that there will be productive, but also unproductive days

- Have healthy snacks nearby to boost your energy

- Reward yourself every time you complete a challenging part of the work or a difficult task

- Take time for yourself from time to time

- Stay positive and keep your chin up!

The above tips and comments can help you to make your online journey real fun! We at The Tutor Company would like to cultivate life-long learners! To get a tutor to help you with your homeschooling, or to help you get on top of your school work, visit

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