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The Do's and Don't of getting a private tutor

Getting a great tutor to come into your home is hard, and finding a tutor that is equipped to assist you online is even harder.

It is a challenge to get a great tutor. Someone that you can invite into your home. Someone that will be a role model, teacher and motivator. Someone with the correct background knowledge on the subject and curriculum. Someone that is dependable.

Most good tutoring services eliminate some of the risks involved, and can help you in finding a great tutor."

Here are some do’s and don’ts when looking for a tutor:

1) Do use a good tutoring service. Why?

a) They screen tutors for academic ability

b) They should (make sure the service you choose does!) do a thorough identity check

c) They accept accountability and responsibility for the quality of service provided

d) They ensure that tutors are free of criminal records and are not on the sexual offenders registry (MAKE SURE THE SERVICE YOU CHOOSE DOES THIS!)

e) Good services continuously monitor the tutors, and removes tutors that receive poor feedback from their pool of tutors

2) Do not use a tutoring service that does not have good reviews on social media.

This seems obvious, but most people leave reviews for two reasons (a) extremely good service and (b) extremely bad service. Look for services with more of the former type of reviews. Services with no social media reviews and no transparency could offer trouble.

3) Do not choose the cheapest tutor and service.

a) The best services attract the best tutors. Good tutors want better pay rates.

b) A tutoring service is very labour intensive if it is done right. Constantly monitoring the progress of the tutors and tutees, screening tutors with ID’s, Bank accounts, Academic records, interviews, criminal records and the sexual offenders registry takes a lot of time. Marketing a tutoring service is expensive.

c) Cheap services and freelancers cannot offer the peace of mind you are looking for, and you will inevitably open yourself open to risk and disappointment.

The Tutor Company has great training programs yielding specialist science tutors, mathematics tutors, English and Afrikaans tutors as well as tutors for physics, chemistry, additional mathematics, geography, biology and many more. We have tutors for university subjects including science tutors, genetics tutors, biochemistry tutors, engineering tutors, organic chemistry tutors, analytical chemistry tutors, process engineering tutors, accounting and economics tutors just to name a few.

We have over 800 tutors across South Africa, with over 10 000 subjects offered, with tutors in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape-Town, Port-Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Potcheffstroom, Stellenbosch and some other major cities and towns.

Contact us at to get a great tutor with awesome value for money!

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